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Casa Jardín is a perfumed aerosol insecticide that instantly eliminates flying and crawling insects from house. The Casa Jardín range consists of rose, forest, lavender, lemon and apple scented insecticides, Concentrated Rose, Exteriors, Lacquer insecticide, Anti-wasps, Anti-mites and Anti-moths.

Parfumed insecticide

Casa Jardín is a perfumed insecticide that eliminates instantaneously flies, mosquitoes, moths, ants, spiders and other insects in the home.
Available in five agreeable aromas: rose, forest, lavender, lemon and apple.


Highly effective concentrated aerosol insecticide, especially designed to fight all types of flying insects in the home.

Casa Jardín concentrated insecticide provides maximum effectiveness with a minimal amount of spray.


Aerosol insecticide especially designed to provide effective day and night protection against flies, mosquitos, tiger flies and small insects in open and semi-open spaces such as terraces, porches, etc.
Casa Jardín Outdoors creates an insect-free open space.


Aerosol insecticide with instant and prolonged effect against cockroaches, ants and other crawling insects (spiders, moths, bugs, etc).
A single application of Casa Jardín lacquer Insecticide eliminates cockroaches, ants, spiders and other crawling insects for a year.


Instant action insecticide that acts by ingestion and contact.
Specially formulated for use on wasps and other flying insects such as hornets and blow-flies, as well as their nests.
Its special diffuser sprays it over a long distance.
Casa Jardín anti-wasps is ideal in open spaces and is effective against wasps, bees and bluebottles.


Aerosol insecticide especially designed to fight mites in the textiles in which they breed (rugs, carpets, upholstery, curtains, eiderdowns, sofas, etc).
Casa Jardín anti-mites does not stain and can be used on textiles.


Protects clothes and fabrics effectively for 6 months, while filling wardrobes and drawers with a pleasant perfume.

Its functional design with a hook is ideal for hanging on a clothes rail.

Lavender perfume.


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